One of Us

Collective action for social change around the issue of sexual violence

Social Movement: They have their inception in the condition of unrest, and derive their motive power on one hand from dissatisfaction with the current form of life, and on the other hand, from wishes and hopes for a new scheme or system of living. - Herbert Blumer

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Interested in meeting Sandi or having her speak with your group?

Then email us at! Send us the following information and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Potential topics include the following

  1. The survivors experience
  2. The important role of each person a survivor comes in contact with
  3. Taking an active role against sexual violence as an individual, in our community, and society at large.
  4. Bystander intervention
  5. Sexual violence continuum and the underlying issues
  6. Changing the conversation around sexual violence
  7. Working through trauma when working with others who have experienced trauma
  8. Life after trauma- friendships, dating, workplace, and galore.
  9. Self care when it feels like the world is bombarding you
  10. Suggest one!